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TRS80 series soft starters with integrated bypass can greatly reduce the construction cost in its application. TRS80 is compact, easy to operate soft starter, designed for use with standard 3-phase motors. It provides an advanced method of reducing current during motor starting and stopping. TRS80 series will start supplying a reduced voltage to the motor, increasing up to the rated voltage, so avoiding, high currents and generating soft starting and stopping. the motor has to be able to start in a reduced voltage.TRS80 series also supports bus function of Modbus protocol to support large-scale industrial layout. LCD screen display is more convenient for use. 



    TRS80 with Integrated bypass contributes to extending the life time of the soft-stater, optimizing space and reducing heat dissipation inside electric panels. TRS80 With only six terminals instead of twelve, it is much faster to wire this integrated bypass, than an alternative soft starter with external contactor. Less cable is required, which additionally reduces cost.


    1. Standard soft Stop and adaptive deceleration stopping functions

    2. Motor and starter advanced protection functions

    3. Compact design, small case

    4. Simple set-up and installation

    5. Voltage ratings up to 11400V

    6. Built-in bypass contactor

    7. DIN rail mounting up to 30KW.

    8. Start and soft stop features

    9. 4 - 20mA output

    10. Real time clock with battery backup

    11. Forward and reverse jog function

    12. Plug-in control terminal blocks


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