PRODUCTS TR510 220V inverters

TR510 series 220V Variable Frequency Drives

220V 1Ph 0.75~2.2KW inverters for general purpose application

Torrive TS510 series Variable frequency inverters

Reliability, user-friendliness, centralized functionality, easy to debug

IGBT   Infineon & Fuji

CPU:       Texas Instruments

PCB:         Coated

Control:      SVC, V/F

Protected:     IP20

Certification:    CE 

Model:  TS510-S2-K75 | TS510-S2-1K5 | TS510-S2-2K2


    Torrive TR510 General purpose 220V 1Ph inverters:

    1. It adopts modular design, low temperature rise, low noise, compact size, easy for ti installation and wiring.

    2. Wide voltage design, the grid input voltage is -15%~15%, the inverter can run safely without other cost.

    3. Standard manufacturing platform, with anti-static, anti-corrosion, anti-dust three anti-paint treatment process.

    4. The auxiliary power supply, cooling fan and soft power contactor are DC components, which can directly supply DC power; especially suitable for shared DC bus scheme and EPS power supply.

    5. Standard RS485 communication, support MODBUS-RTU, convenient to achieve the connection between the host computer and PLC, to achieve remote monitoring.

    6. Super protection function, safety self-test function, powerful master-slave control function, rich frequency given mode.

    Rated Power:0.75~2.2 Kw
    Model:TR510-S2-0K75    220V 1PH 0.75kw Inverters
    TR510-S2-1K5    220V 1PH 1.5kw Inverters
    TR510-S2-2K2    220V 1PH 2.2kw Inverters?
    Rated voltage:220V 1 phase
    Output frequency:0.0~500 Hz
    Control Method:SVC, VF
    Speed range:1:100 (SVC)
    Appearance:Molded case
    Installation size:92x117MM
    Steady speed accuracy:±0.5%(SVC)
    Timing control function:time range from 0.0Min to 6500.0Min
    Application:Fans, pumps, air compressors, blowers, extruders, compressors,   spinning machines, weaving machines, wool spinning machines, etc.


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