PRODUCTS TR510 High performance Inverters

TR510 series Variable frequency Inverters

200kw,220kw,250kw,280kw VFD for General Purpose

Torrive TR510 series Variable frequency Inverters

Power:  200kw,220kw,250kw,280kw

IGBT   Infineon & Fuji

CPU:       Texas Instruments

PCB:         Coated

Protected:     IP20

Certification:    CE

Model:  TR510-T4-200G | TR510-T4-220G | TR510-T4-250G | TR510-T4-280G

Up to 0.5Hz/150% starting torque

VF and Sensorless Vector Control


    Torrive inverters apply V/f vector control and various protections to control asynchronous motors. The air duct, hardware and software have been greatly improved for better environment adaptability, operation and reliable quality.

    High performance
    1. More Accurate Motor Autotuning;
    2. Advanced open loop vector control;
    3. Perfect voltage and current control, reducing the fault protection times;
    4. Multiple braking modes and instant stopping.

    1.VF and Sensorless Vector Control
    2.Up to 0.5Hz/150% starting torque
    3. Built-in PID regulation function to facilitate the realization of closed loop control to reduce the cost of the control system .
    4.Accurate parameters auto tuning and better motor drive
    5.Simple water supply function
    6.CE requirements certified

    • Rated Power:                   200~280Kw

    • Model:                             TR510-T4-200G  380V 3PH 200kw Inverters

    •                                         TR510-T4-220G  380V 3PH 220kw Inverters

    •                                         TR510-T4-250G  380V 3PH 250kw Inverters

    •                                         TR510-T4-280G  380V 3PH 280kw Inverters

    • Rated voltage:                 380V  3phase

    • Output frequency:            0.0~500 Hz

    • Control Method:               SVC, VF

    • Speed range:                    1:100 (SVC)

    • colour:                               Black

    • Appearance:                      Metal case

    • Dimensions:                      849x480x389mm

    • Installation size:                 822.1x369mm

    • Steady speed accuracy:     ±0.5%(SVC)

    • Timing control function:    time range from 0.0Min to 6500.0Min

    • Application:                        Air compressor, extruder, die casting machine, knitting machine,

    •                                            crane, EPS, HVAC, mixer, Ceramics machine, oil pump, bricking

    •                                           machine, industry washing machine, mine industry, etc.


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